Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Act "As If"

I've been away from the blog for a while now! But, I'm back!

I read an interesting book over the summer. I was "having trouble with my emotional nature", and steadily practicing humility, the principle of Step 7. I realized that I had a character defect which was standing in the way of my usefulness- control! I, (and I think most who are alcoholic), am a control freak! It has become glaring and I am willing to change that behavior.

A friend in the program suggested a book called, "Drop The Rock". It's a Hazelden book that is about Steps 6 and 7. I'm still reading it slowly because it hits on so many good ideas that I like to take my time and absorb them.

In the section on Step 6, it talks about "acting as if" the defect of character has been removed; then, you start "living as if" it really has! I liked that. It reminds me of "acting myself into right thinking instead of thinking myself into right acting".

To quote the book, "Choosing to move into willingness and being willing to choose (in other words, being willing on take responsibility) is a positive way of living. It is saying, 'Hey, I'm worth moving toward being different without pain and resentments. I value myself and others enough to choose to make changes now rather than wait until I can't stand not making a choice.' It is a completely different perspective than waiting until it hurts to make choices. The majority of us are very aware of our defects of character, but often it isn't until we are 'sick and tired of being sick and tired' that we become willing to change."

"Acting 'as if' the choice is already made and the changes in our lives are already in place put the power of our will in line with the power of the universe so that we can move forward more gracefully into living without defects unchecked."

"Will it work? About as well as we surrender. Will it change our lives? Yes, without question. It is a fulfilling and rewarding process. Acting 'as if' can raise questions of genuineness and authenticity. Authenticity is being true to a vision and purpose."

I am going to begin "acting as if" I don't need control, I'm not in charge and that I don't know better than you. After all, there is a God, and I am not Him!